New Designs

New, weekly designs

Sometimes I enjoy designing something so much that I keep making more and more. The Pop Up Card in a Box is that kind of project. I’ve made several styles and sizes and many different themes. This week, I’ve included 5 new cards – Halloween, Thanksgiving, sewing and two flower gardens.

Pop Up Card in a Box designs:


Several of my new designs this week focus on Dia de los Muertos. Some think this is a Mexican Halloween and spooky, but it’s not, and isn’t associated with Halloween. Those who do celebrate it, have a belief that the souls of deceased children arrive from heaven to be with their families on Nov. 1st, with deceased adults visiting on Nov. 2nd. They serve the favorite foods of the departed, have picnics in the cemetery and make it a festive occasion. I think it’s lovely and colorful.
All of my designs are available in my Silhouette Design Studio store.